By mentioning the Member Rebate Program to your customers who are members of your Home Builders Association, you are building reciprocity with the Builder & Remodeler. Every quarter, when your customer receives a rebate check, they will think of you who introduced them to this free member benefit. The Member Rebate Program can also be used as a tool to recruit new members in your Local HBA.

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Free Member Benefit to Builder & Remodeler Members of the Wisconsin Builders Association

There are currently over 50 of the country's leading Manufacturer Brands participating in the Member Rebate Program offering the same rebates as the "Top-5 Builders" receive regardless of your volume.

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Over 70% of the members who participated last year received more in rebates than they paid in annual dues to their HBA! 

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Member Rebate Program

WBA's Member Rebate Program

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This magazine offers Builder & Remodeler members INSIGHTS into both the Member Rebate Program and the participating Manufacturers in this member benefit.

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