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Over 70% of the members who participated last year received more in rebates than they paid in annual dues to their HBA! 

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HBRACT's Member Rebate Program

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Free Member Benefit to Builder & Remodeler Members of the HBRA of Connecticut

There are currently 50 of the country's leading Manufacturer Brands participating in the Member Rebate Program offering the same rebates as the "Top-5 Builders" receive regardless of your volume.

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By mentioning the Member Rebate Program to your customers who are members of your Home Builders Association, you are building reciprocity with the Builder & Remodeler. Every quarter, when your customer receives a rebate check, they will think of you who introduced them to this free member benefit. The Member Rebate Program can also be used as a tool to recruit new members in your Local HBA.


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This magazine offers Builder & Remodeler members INSIGHTS into both the Member Rebate Program and the participating Manufacturers in this member benefit.