Member Rebate Program

NYSBA Frequently Asked Questions

NYSBA's Member Rebate Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to change the way I do business?

You don’t need to! You still utilize the same suppliers and continue conducting your business as usual.

What if my Subcontractors buy supplies?

The Manufacturers are rewarding loyalty with these rebates. If you are specifying the product to your Subcontractors, then you are affecting the sale and therefore qualify for the rebate.

Must I align with all Manufacturers?

No. However, the more Manufacturers in our program that are used, the larger your rebate check will be.

Do I have to save all my receipts?

There are no receipts necessary to process your rebate claim. We have made the rebate program as simple as possible. Instead of receipts, we use our Manufacturer’s salespeople in your area to check that their products were used.

Why do Manufacturers want to reward me?

Manufacturers recognize that the small-to-midsize Builder is the largest segment of the building industry, and they are rewarding those Builders with rebates through NYSBA.